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【legal interpretations】Regulations for the Awarding of Professional Medals by SA

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Source : Sports Industry and Planning Division
Article 1:
The National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (SA) has enacted.this Regulations to reward individuals who have demonstrated special devotion to sports according to Article 9 of the Medals Act and Article 15 of its rules of enforcement.


Article 2:
SA will grant professional medals (the medals) to the following individuals:1. Those who show tangible evidence of making outstanding contributions toward promoting sports activities.2. Those who show tangible evidence of making outstanding contributions by supporting the construction of sports facilities or sponsoring important sport activities through monetary donations.3. Those who show tangible evidence of making outstanding contributions by supporting important sports activities.4. Foreigners who have dedicated themselves to assisting Taiwan in participating in international sports exchanges.5. Those who have made an exceptional contribution to promoting activities in other ways.


Article 3:
The medals provided herein include the first, second, and third class ones, all granted with ribbons. Except for especially distinguished sportspersons, the primary receiver shall first be awarded a third class medal and allowed to upgrade upon further achievements. One credit may not be rewarded with two different types of medals.The types and illustrations of medals are shown in Tables 1 to 3.


Article 4:
Except for those granted by SA, the medals may be awarded in an open ceremony when the achievements are recommended by relevant institutes, schools, sporting bodies, and corporate sporting bodies, reviewed by the evaluation committee and approved by the Minister of SA .The achievement briefing form as shown in Table 4 shall be completed and appended with evidence showing why the awarding of a medal has been recommended.


Article 5:
The certificate as indicated in Table 5 will be issued together with the medal.


Article 6:
The awarding of a medal to a civil servant shall be evaluated and registered by The Ministry of the Civil Service according to the relevant regulations.


Article 7:
Certain individuals may be granted a medal posthumously, and may be represented at the ceremony of the granting of the medal by their spouses or other close family relatives.


Article 8:
This Regulations shall come into force from the date of promulgation.