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Enforcement Rules for the National Sports Act

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Source : Sports Industry and Planning Division
Article 1:
This Enforcement Rules has been formulated according to Article 21 of the National Sports Act (the Act).


Article 2:
The term "Traditional sports" mentioned in Article 3 of the Act refers to Chinese sports and activities such as the Chinese martial arts, dragon and lion dances, bell pulling, skipping, shuttlecock kicking, dragon boat racing, drumming, and other folk sports.


Article 3:
"Public benefit sport bodies" mentioned in Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the Act refer to non-profit based groups which are organized according to regulations and whose goals are the promotion of leisure or competitive sports.


Article 4:
Institutes, bodies, and enterprises shall formulate times and plans for the encouragement of the participation of employees in sport and leisure activities as described in Article 10, Paragraph I of the Act.


Article 5:
"Sport professionals" mentioned in Article 11 of the Act refer to water lifeguards, physical fitness instructors, athletic trainers for the prevention of injury, mountain guides, diving instructors, paint ball and other athletics coaches, and other individuals specializing in sporting professions.


Article 6:
The term"national team" mentioned in Article 18 of the Act refers to groups which are selected in public based on regulations approved by the responsible authority in the central government according to Article 16, Paragraph 2 of the Act, to represent our nation in international sports.


Article 7:
This Enforcement Rules shall come into force from the date of promulgation.