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Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

 Sports are not only improving the health of our citizens but also offering a way to upgrade the status of the Republic of China (ROC) in the international community. Also, because they demand hard work and dedication, sports teach discipline, encourage teamwork and reward patience. One who exercises regularly and incorporates sports in his or her lifestyle will enjoy a good quality of life.

        In July 1997,the Sports Affairs Council (SAC) of the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) of the ROC was established through the efforts of many sports administrators, sports leaders and legislators in this country. The intention is that, through the cooperation of the government and private sectors, the SAC can respond effectively to the health and exercise needs of the people of the ROC.
       Starting January first, 2012, the SAC become the Sports Administration (SA) under the Ministry of Education as part of the government structural reform.
       The SA aims to foster a healthy nation based on the policy of promoting participation in sports at all levels. It will help all athletes in Taiwan who demonstrate the potential to win medals at regional and international competitions to develop their skills to the fullest .The SAC will also assist athletes in Taiwan to obtain jobs in sports-related enterprises or elsewhere so as to help them enjoy a decent and dignified life after they retire from the competitive arena.