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2009/2010 National Student Dancing Contest

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

Event title

2009/2010 National Student Dancing Contest

Department in Charge

Ministry of Education, National Taiwan Normal University, all city and county governments



The contest is divided into a preliminary round and the regional finals. The preliminary round is organized by the city and county governments, while the Ministry of Education and National Taiwan Normal University will be responsible for the regional finals. The city and county governments will provide assistance for the organization of regional finals on a rotational basis


Promoting thedance education and stimulation of students’ interest in dancing, enhance the skills and promotion of Chinese culture

Task list

				1.      Investigation of venues provided for the finals by cities and counties on a rotational basis to make sure they meet the requirements as well as setting of a date; contacting of cities and counties in charge of organizing the finals to make sure the schedules are set and the venues have been selected. The venues are reexamined after the preliminary round.
				2.      Convening of a preparatory meeting for the tournament and review and revision of the implementation guidelines; announcement of the guidelines in form of a booklet; organization of the preliminary tournament by county and city governments based on the contents of this booklet.
				3.      Handling of tournament announcements and the registration and review process for different tournament groups; upon completion of the preliminary tournament, a review of the team data and qualifications for the final will be conducted. 
				4.      Confirmation of the teams participating in the finals as well as the tournament schedule, initiation of the bidding process for the lighting, sound, and recording equipment
				5. Convening of a work coordination meeting for the finals and discussion of budgets, subsidies, and detailed plans for the finals
				6. Selection of a contractor for the printing of a tournament result booklet, production of a DVD of the winning performances as well as the printing of a “Spirit of Dance” photo album 
				7.      Convening of a tournament review meeting
				8.      Participating students have to successfully pass the first round of the tournament to obtain the qualification to participate in the nationwide regional finals. The tournament is held on a yearly basis. All city and county governments are expected to complete the schedules for the preliminary tournament by December 10, 2009. The regional finals are scheduled for February 23 until March 26.
				9.      Venues for this year’s regional finals
				(a)    Nationwide tournament:
				           Held in the Chung Cheng Hall of the Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School in Kaohsiung County
				        Address: No.1 Kaixuan Rd, Fengshan City, Kaohsiung County
				(b)    Southern Taiwan: Held in the Changhua County Gymnasium 
				           Address:Fuxing Rd, Changjua City, Changhua County 
				           Tel:04- 7112175
				(c)     Northern Taiwan:
				           Held in the Zhongzheng Hall of Chung-Cheng Elementary Schoolin Taichung City
				           Address:No.423, Yingcai Rd, Xitun Dist, Taichung City