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Promotion of Superior Baseball Activities for Students

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education


Promotion of Superior Baseball Activities for Students

Department in Charge

Ministry of Education, Chinese Taipei Student Baseball Federation



1.    Assist thestudent baseball clubs and teams to increase the number of people active in the sport

2.    Strengthen the education and management in the field of student baseball to facilitate the future development of the sport

3.    Improve thestudent baseball tournament system to enhance the competitive ability of students

4.    Establish thepriority regions for student baseball and local baseball strongholds to develop the game at the grassroots level

5.    Establish theregional training systems for baseball to promote a spirit of cooperation and partnership

6.    Improve thebaseball facilities and the overall environment to provide students with an ideal space for baseball activities


1.       Increase the number of people active in sport: The goal is to increase the number of teams participating in school baseball tournaments and clubs to 1634 (the number of varsity teams will be raised from 795 to 880 and the number of sports club teams from 377 to 754)

2.       Sturdyenvironment for baseball activities: Construction of 20 simple school baseball fields between 2010 and 2013 (five fields per year) and renovation of 80 fields (20 fields per year) for a total of 100 renovation/construction projects

3.       Organize theon-the-job training for coaches: four training courses per year (each course lasts 18 hours) with a total of 100 available slots per course. A total of 16 courses are planned until 2013, providing advanced training for 1600 coaches.

4.       Establish the priority regions for student baseball and local baseball strongholds: Since 2010, special subsidies have been granted for the development of grassroots baseball in Hualien and Taitung, the creation of better academic prospects, and the provision of financial aid for tournaments with a local character (such as the Red Leaf Cup in Taitung, the Ali Mountain Cup in Chiayi. County, the Jhuluo Mountain Cup in Chiayi,City, and the Lanyang Cup in Ilan County) 

5.       Establish theregional training systems for baseball: Financial support for scientific research to assist schools of all levels in the training and guidance of baseball athletes and coaches, establishment of a baseball talent database covering all types of students and a training system from elementary school up to university

Task list

I. As far as the numbers are concerned, the goal is to increase the number of baseball teams and clubs to 1634 by 2013. During the next four years, more emphasis will be placed on academic advancement (elementary school-junior high-senior high) and training to encourage different areas to develop baseball at the local level
(1)Long-term investment in the training of baseball teams in schools of all levels ( subsidy recipients listed in the context of the General Plan for the Revival of Baseball and the Baseball Grassroot Work Program implemented by the Sports Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan are excluded from the grants awarded by this program; training bases for elementary school hardball, junior high hardball, senior high and vocational school hardball/wooden bat as well as Class A/Level 1 university/college teams that have already been granted subsidies by the Sports Affairs Council are not eligible for the subsidies of this program unless their previous applications have been denied, which entitles them to submit an application to the Ministry)
(2)Granting of incentives and subsidies for the promotion of baseball clubs in schools of all levels as well as Tee Ball and Catch Ball contests and activity camps in elementary schools.
(3)Designation of Hualien and Taitung as priority regions for the development of baseball and consolidation of regional training systems (Level 3) in Hualien and Taitung by 2013
(4) Continuing on organizingbaseball tournaments and contests with a local character in schools of all levels
II. As far as the quality is concerned, we need to enhance the quality and professionalism of our coaches and players
(1)Establishthe registration system for coaches, provision of basic and professional courses on ethics, legal issues, and prevention of sports injuries (for a total of at least 18 hours per year) as well as 400 advanced training opportunities
(2)Determination of a reasonable number of training hours for athletes, promotion of a school and career counseling program for students, provision of schoolwork guidance for athletes by baseball volunteers, organization of education tours on sports ethics, legal issues, injury prevention, and performance-enhancing drugs
(3)Formulation of a tournament contract which is incorporated in student baseball tournament and competition rules and regulations. This contract requires players and coaches to emphasize moral education, educational management in the field of school baseball as well as baseball skills and moral integrity of players.
III. Hardware facilities:
(1)Inspection ofbaseball fields and facilitiesin schools of all levels nationwide
(2)Formulate the principles for the granting of subsidies for the repair of baseball facilities in schools of all levels
(3)Newly built or renovated simple baseball fields or sports fields used for baseball: It is expected that between 2010 and 2013, 20 new simple school baseball fields (5 per year) will be constructed and 80 fields will be renovated (20 per year) for a total of 100 renovation/construction projects. Baseball fields and facilities of schools at all levels will be gradually perfected


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