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Project for the Promotion of Dancing Sport

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education


Projectfor the Promotion of Dancing Sport

Department in Charge

Ministry of Education, National Taiwan College of Physical Education



1.       Organize dancingteacher training seminars

2.       Dance summer camp for students

3.       Design the teaching materials

4.       Intensification of national and international research on dancing

5.       Establish theNational Dance Information Network


Promote the spirit of dancing on our campuses and improve the competitive skills in the field of dancing

Task list

Foreword: Dancing has been very popular among young students in recent years. Participation in all types of dancing contests has been gradually increasing over the years. The planning process for the 2009 program for the promotion of dancing was based on the results of the 2008 program. The scope of the program was increased to popularize dancing among students. The program focuses on the following tasks:

				1. A total of 200 master teachers in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan in line with the promotion and popularization of dancing all over the country. 
				2. 40 junior high and elementary school schools in central Taiwan (priority will be given to schools in remote areas) will organize dance summer camps to increase the interest of students in sports.
				3. Completion of teaching materials for the advanced instruction of three dance forms (folk dance, popular dance, and competitive cheerleading)
				4. This year’s research will focus on an analysis of the current state of the promotion of folk dance in Asia and Taiwan
				5. Expansion of the contents of the National Dance Information Network as well as the establishment of special online areas and a download system for teaching materials and audio and video materials.