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2018 December Special Column

Visitors: 1649
Source : Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship /2 gold medal winning women athletes from Chinese Taipei (provided by Chinese Taipei Amateur Boxing Association).

2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship /Instructor Ke Wen-ming and athlete Chen Nien-chin won the 69KG gold medal at 2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship (provided by Chinese Taipei Amateur Boxing Association).

National Special Education School Games /Sport Administration has implemented adaptive sport education and exercise at all special education scenarios.

Beishih River Riverbank Bicycle Trail of Pinglin District.

Daiyujue River Bicycle Trail of Pinglin District.

2018 Golf Course Manager Seminar.

2018 IESF ESPORT Championship/Deputy Minister Fan Sun-lu of the Ministry of Education and Section Chief Hsu Shiou-ling of the Sport Administration took a group picture with the Chinese Taipei athletes.

2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship/Chinese Taipei representative (provided by Chinese Taipei Amateur Boxing Association).

National Special Education School Games / Director-General Kao Chin-hsung awarded winning students of the road hiking competition.

National Special Education School Games/Director-General Kao Chin-hsung awards school representatives that won in the teacher and student tug-of-war competition.

High School Rubber Baseball League/The national finals will be played at Taipei, New Taipei and Taoyuan from November 16.

HBL Pre-game Press Conference/High School Basketball League games will formally begin on November 20.

UBA Pre-game Press Conference/Participants took group pictures with Tik Tok.

WOMEN GET MOVING/New immigrant women participated at the Taipei Main Station Aerobic Party.

Enterprise Hiring Sports Instructors/Regular exercise courses for employees of Catcher Technology (provided by Catcher Technology).

Enterprise Hiring Sports Instructors/Employees from Kwantex participated in hiking events together (provided by Kwantex).

Enterprise Hiring Sports Instructors/King Rack hired sports instructors to instruct employees in playing soccer (provided by King Rack).

.Enterprise Hiring Sports Instructors/Employees and family members of KTSEAL Co., Ltd. Participated in the Family Sports Day (provided by KTSEAL).

Enterprise Hiring Sports Instructors/Employees of Toucheng Leisure Farm participate in stress-relieving energetic yoga courses (provided by Toucheng Leisure Farm).

Sport iTaiwan Project/Central and local governments collaborate hand in hand in leading citizens to express their love towards Taiwan in sports.

Sport Elite Award Press Conference/ Director-General Kao Chin-hsung, Secretary-General Shen I-ting of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and President Chang Chao-guo of the Republic of China Sport Federation used the image of boxing to praise the hard work and efforts that sport athletes have contributed to the country.

Taipei International Travel Fair/Opening ceremony of “Sport Tourism Pavilion”.

Taipei International Travel Fair/Director-General Kao Chin-hsung presents sport backpacks of “Sport Tourism Pavilion” to promotion ambassadors.