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6 WORKSHOPS IN 2019 UNIVERSITY SPORTS CLUB The star speakers await your participation

Visitors: 164

Date: Oct.04.2019

Apartment: School Physical of Education Division

Writer: Chang, Wei-Lun

TEL: (02)8771-1023

News ContactTsai, Mei-Chun

TEL: (02)8771-1024

In order to create a platform for university students to apply strategies to the management of sport club, Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation (CTUSF) has organized 6 workshops and invites student leaders in sport to participate in 2019 University Sports Club Workshop where you could have face to face dialogues with universiade athletes, such as HUANG Ling-Chuan (Basketball,黃鈴娟), LO Yi-Ching (Volleyball,羅怡璟) and PAO Hsin-Hsuan (Football,包欣玄). Most of all, the scout from MLB Philadelphia Phillies, Mr. WANG Jin-Yong(王金勇) and the anchors from FOXtv will be keynote speakers to share their stories and give advices so participants may take a closer step to the worldwide sport.

With the support of Sport Administration, Ministry of Education, the workshop becomes one of the annual popular university education event in Taiwan. 6 workshops with 6 different themes including media, basketball, baseball, volleyball, football and multifunction have taken place since September to December. In addition to the practical works, participants may learn the Psychological Counseling and the Public Relation Skills from the programs. Keynote speakers will encourage university students to have the conversations in English at class as bilingual is one of the characteristics in the program.

Media workshop was concluded in September. For the rest five with more details, please visit CTUSF official website


2019 versity Sports Club Workshop

  1. Volleyball: 18 to 20 October (Fooyin University)
  2. Football: 18 to 20 October (WuFeng University)
  3. Basketball: 25 to 27 October (Shih Chien University)
  4. Multifunction: 15 to 17 November (Flying Cow Ranch)
  5. Baseball: 20 to 22 December (Fu Jen Catholic Unviersity)