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Director-General & Deputy Director-General

Source:Personnel Office
Cheng, Shih-Chung (鄭世忠)
Education Master, PhD, Centre for Sports Medicine, Division of Orthopaedics & Accident Surgery,School of Medical & Surgical Sciences, Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, Queen's Medical Centre campus, University of Nottingham, UK
  BSc, Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical College
  Tainan First Senior High School
Experience Professor and the Dean of the College of Management, National Taiwan Sport University (2022-2023)
  Dean of General Affairs and Executive Secretary of Endowment Fund Management Committee, National Taiwan Sport University 
  Deputy General Secretary, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee 
  General Secretary, Taiwan Sport Coach Association (2011-2015)
  General Secretary, Asia Association of Coaching Science (2012-2018)
  Associate Professor and the Director, Graduate Institute of Athletics and Coaching Science, National Taiwan Sport University (2015-2018)
  Director, dual MPE and MSc degree in International Sport Coaching Science, National Taiwan Sport University and Hungarian University of Sports Science( (2016-2021) 
  Director, Centre for International Affairs, National Taiwan Sport University(2013-2015)
  Senior Manager, Sport Training and Science Centre, National Taiwan Sport University(2013-2014)
  Assistant Professor, Department of Sports Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University(2008-2009)



Wang, Shui-Wen Deputy Director-General
Hung, Chih-Chang(洪志昌)
Education Master, Institute of Sports Sciences, Taipei Physical Education College
  Bachelor, Department of Physical Education, Chinese Culture University
Experience Director and Deputy Director of Competitive Athletics Division, Sports Administration, Ministry of Education
  Director of National Sports Training Center
  Deputy Director of Competitive Athletics Department, Sports Affairs Council
  Officer, Director, Secretary of Taipei Municipal Stadium


Deputy Director-General
Fang, Jui-Wen(房瑞文)
Education Master, Institute of Physical Education, National Taiwan Sport University
  Bachelor, Department of Physical Education, National Taitung Teachers College
Experience Chief Secretary ,Sports Administration Ministry of Education
  Deputy Director , Department Of Sports ,Taoyuant
  Director of Sports Office, Taichung City Government
  Officer, Commissioner, Section Chief of Competitive Sports Department, Sports Affairs Council