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History of the SA

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

History of the SA

Relentlessly dedicated to promoting sports and passing on the torch, the SA has striven to inspire love of sports across the nation and enhance the competence of local athletes – who have proven themselves in the world arena. 


In the Republic of China, a central sports regulatory authority first appeared under the name of “Sports Council” in 1923, but could do little in a country split by civil war. In1982, a statutory amendment led to the reinstatement of a “Citizens’ Sports Commission” independent of the Department of Sports, Ministry of Education.

In 1995, the Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation held a symposium on Taiwan’s strategies for sports development in 21st century. On that occasion, it was proposed that a “National Sports Committee” be established. Thanks to the concerted efforts of government and sports leaders, the Organization Act of the Sports Affairs Council (SAC) of the Executive Yuan was promulgated on January 12, 1998. The SAC thus officially became the nation’s central authority governing sports affairs, and is charged with promoting the development of sports in Taiwan.


Starting January first, 2013, the SAC become the Sports Administration (SA) under the Ministry of Education as part of the government structural reform.