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School Physical Education Division

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

The Physical Education Group is divided into three divisions, handling matters as follows:
1. The planning, execution and checking of the school’s physical education policies as well as standards, and the relevant regulation amendments.
2. The training and assistance for the school’s outstanding athletes and professional physical education personnel.
3. The development and innovation of the school’s physical education teaching materials, as well as the planning and checking of the events and venues.
4. The promotion, execution and assistance towards the school’s athletic meets.
5. The planning and promotion of the school’s physical education classes.
6. The employment, management and assistance of the school’s full-time sports coach.
7. The promotion and checking of popularizing sports amongst students and physical fitness.
8. The planning and promotion of the school’s physical education evaluation.
9. The integration and application of the school’s physical education, culture and data.
10. Other matters relating to the school’s physical education.