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Cultivating students’ ability and willingness on sports appreciation (2007)

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

Project title

Cultivatingstudents’ ability and willingness on sports appreciation (2007)

Department in Charge

Research and Development Center of Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University






(1) Promoteand popularize of sports appreciation among students and deepen the foundation of sports appreciation of our country
(2) Establish the Sports appreciation knowledge and behavior, and implement the links between campus and community
(3) The duration of the planned program is five years.A total of 30 universities will receive subsidies to offer at least one course. Each course shall be attended by 50-100 students, and it is expected that at least 7500 students will attend the courses that are offered in the context of this program.

Task list

1. Establish the "Sports Appreciation" course group.The groupwill discuss the planned direction and review criteria for efforts by universities and colleges to promote the creation of sports appreciation curricula.

The task groupwill be composed of personnel with a background in physical education.


2. Design teaching materials for sports appreciation curricula on


Scholars and experts will be invited to research and discuss the planned contents of the teaching materials for the sports appreciation curricula.

This also includes 1. Curriculum name 2. Curriculum outline 3.Introduction of national and international venues and facilities 4. National and international development trends 5. Analysis and appreciation of athletic skills. Outstanding national athletes and sports disciplines that are broadcast on national sports channels shall be taken into consideration during the formulation of Curriculum contents. The program will be focusingon five disciplines this year.

3. Information meeting for the application process for the establishment

of sports appreciation curricula

(1) Explanation of the purpose of the establishment of said curricula

(2) Method of curriculum creation

(3) Subsidization methods


4. Selection of academic institutions that have submitted applications for the establishment of sports appreciation curricula


30 universities are selected based on the content of the submitted applications and the specified review criteria. Each university has to choose at least two differenttypes of sportsto promote the ability of university students to appreciate sports. Each university shall refer to the teaching materials which have been developed for the sports appreciation curricula and select at least two different types of sports. Based on the format of teaching materials and othertypes of sportscan also be included. The whole program shall last at least 30 hours.

5. Assessment of academic institutions that have established sports appreciation curricula

Evaluation forms for sports appreciation courses (filled out by attending students), study results and new insights of students, teaching contents, and testing methods and results shall be compiled and included in a report for assessment every semester.