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2010/2011 Project for the Promotion of School Folk Sports

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education


2010/2011 Projectfor the Promotion of School Folk Sports

Department in Charge

National University of Tainan



1.       The maintenanceand enhancement of folksport educational resource network

2.       Organize thefolk sports teacher ‘straining programs in all cities and counties

3.       Organize thevisits to provide guidance for folk sports education in all cities and counties

4.       Organize thefolk sports exhibition contests in schools of all levels nationwide


1.       Promotingself-study by students and teachers in schools of all levels via the Internet Resource Center for folk sports as well as the application and search for audio, visual, and written materials on folk sports to achieve a sharing of resources

2.       Expand the training of folk sports teachers and encouragement of the inclusion of folk sports educationin PE curricula of schools of all levels to implement the education of folk sports in all schools.

3.       Gaining abetter understanding of the actual implementation and difficulties encountered by cities, counties, and schools of all levels in the promotion of folk sports education. These insights will serve as a reference for improvements in the field of folk sports education to assist schools in the promotion of educational activities.

4.       Increase theparticipation in folk sports activities and enhance theexchange of skills, incentives and discover of outstanding folk sports athletes and teams

Task list

1.       Establish thefolk sport educational resource network: Continue themaintenance and enhancement of the platform by adding nine special areas, expansion of the educational material and teaching manpower databases, expansion of the data in the law and regulation section, and addition of links to folk sports education-related websites.

2.       Promoting the teaching materials on brick acrobatics, stick juggling, and meteor ball gymnastics, organization of basic folk sports teacher training in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan; organization of advanced seminars on Chinese yo-yo, jump rope, shuttlecock kicking, brick acrobatics, stick juggling, and meteor ball gymnastics.

3.       Folk sports education counseling teams conduct visits to get a better understanding of the difficulties encountered by cities and counties in the promotion of folk sports. Folk sports education assessment methods and strategies for the visits are formulated and implemented accordingly. 40 special schools have been designated to promote the development of folk sports education and visits are organized to provide guidance for cities and counties. Three city/county or cross-regional folk sports contests for adjacent areas are organized for the following disciplines: brick acrobatics, stick juggling, and meteor ball gymnastics.

4.       Organizing anationwide school folk sport exhibition contest and an event featuring folk sport challenge games and activities for the whole family.