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Project for the Development of our Students’ Ability and Willingness to Appreciate Sports

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education


Program for the Development of our Students’ Ability and Willingness to Appreciate Sports

Department in Charge

Ministry of Education, National Taiwan Normal University






Promote and popularize thesports appreciation among students,develope theability to appreciate sports and related behavioral patterns as well as the implementation of a symbiosis between the campus and society to strengthentheculture of sports appreciation in Taiwan

Task list

The program is based on Item 9 of the concrete measures for the Joyful Life Program enacted by the Ministry of Education in 2007 titled “Development of Campus Sports Culture and the Promotion of Sports Culture in Society as a Whole” and subitem 2 “Develope the Students’ Ability to Appreciate Sports Contests and Motivation and Guidance for Students in the Appreciation of Sports Contests” in particular. The program focuses on the following tasks:


1. Sending out theteaching materials and results of the 2008 implementation program (including a six-volume sports appreciation book series and five types of DVDs) to colleges and universities all over Taiwan. These materials will be used by instructors during classes.


2. Organize theinformation meetings for explainingprogram goals, development concepts, curriculum design, and subsidy methods. Selections will be made based on the sports appreciation curricula offered by individual schools. Subsidies will be granted in the following order of priority: (1) Sports appreciation curricula are already available as part of the General Education Curriculum. Applications have been submitted for curricula which will be available soon to be incorporated in the General Education Curriculum. (2) One-semester curricula are offered as part of general sports curricula. (3) At least two types of sports appreciation courses are offered  as part of general sports curricula (4) One-semester curricula that are offered in sports and recreation related departments

3. Establishment of professional websites where teaching materials and results for each year are posted and project concepts are promoted.


4. After a selection and review process in the second semester of the academic year 2009/2010, subsidies have been granted to 30 colleges and universities for the establishment of sports appreciation curricula to develop the ability of our students to appreciate sports.


5. A plannedpresentation of six types of new teaching materials covering badminton, table tennis, volleyball, softball, swimming, and track and field.