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Guidelines for the Implementation of Subsidies Granted by...

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education


Guidelines for the Implementation of Subsidies Granted by the Ministry of Education for the Establishment of LOHAS Sports Facilities in Schools

Department in Charge

National Changhua University of Education





1.       Program basis
This program has been formulated by the Ministry of Education (below referred to as the Ministry) to implement the following goal stated in Official Document No. 0960108965: “Joyful Life Program – Promotion of physical activities to increase the health, vitality, and wisdom of our students”

2.       Purpose
(a)Provision of more adequate space for indoor exercises and sports facilities for students to alleviate the problem of insufficient space as well as lessen the impact of adverse weather conditions on student physical activities.
(b)Develop thecreativity and a unique character of schools; establishment of various sports facilities that are attractive to students; development of a suitable PE curriculum for students and promotion of physical activity; cultivation of a habit of lifelong exercise
(c)Stimulatestudents with weak physical activity to engage in exercises and get into the habit of regular exercise

Task list



Please download the documents from the PE administrative rules section