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School Sports Volunteer Program (2012-2013)

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

Program title

School Sports Volunteer Program (2012-2013)

Department in Charge

Section 3, Department of Physical Education





1.      Expand therecruiting base for school sports volunteers and service range

2.       Develop thespecial character of schools and motivation of teachers and students of schools of all levels who are passionate about providing services through an integration of the resources of school and society to provide assistance in the organization of school sports counseling, sports contests, after-school programs, and sports activities in a spirit of service, creativity, and thirst for knowledge

3.       Schools sports volunteers are motivated to engage in service activities in line with government physical education policies, annual contests and competitions, and the promotion of major programs

4.       Establish thecooperation models with city and county governments and promotion of localized service provision by school sports volunteers.

Task list

I.        Organize theinformation meetings for the school sports volunteer program

II.      Subsidies for the school sports volunteer training and service program
(a)Subsidy types
1. School sports volunteer training program
The education bureaus of all special municipalities and county governments as well as the sports and recreation-related departments of colleges and universities and senior high and vocational schools can submit applications to acquire the status of school sports volunteer training units. It is planned to subsidize a maximum of 40 schools (or units). If the number of applications exceeds this quota, selections will be made. Schools or units that submit applications for subsidies for school sports volunteer training programs have to provide at least one school sports volunteer service program.
2. School sports volunteer service programs
If applications for school sports volunteer service programs submitted by education bureaus of special municipalities or county governments, colleges, universities, senior high schools, or higher educational institutions exceed the quota, selections will be made.
(b)Subsidy recipients
1. Education bureaus of special municipalities or county governments
2. Sports and recreation-related departments of colleges and universities (applications can be submitted by the following units: universities, departments, or clubs)
3. Senior high and vocational schools (applications can only be submitted by schools)
(c)Subsidy amounts:The maximum subsidy amount per school/unit is 120,000 NTD
(d)Applications for school sports volunteer service programs have to meet one of the following criteria
1. Sports tournament services
2. Winter and summer vacation camps
3. Assistance for school swimming classes, life guard services, or promotion of safety activities
4. Guidance for after-school sports clubs
5. Varsity team guidance
6. Assistance in adjustment to PE classes
7. Physical fitness guidance
8. Concern and sports services for elders
9. Maintenance of sports facilities
10. Organization of sports volunteer presentations, exchanges, or workshops
4. Organization of sports volunteer commendation and certificate award ceremonies
5. Maintenance of the school sports volunteer information service platform and coordination of supply and demand for volunteer services


School Sports Volunteer Program (2012-2013)