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LOHAS-Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Exercise Stations

Source:Sports Administration, Ministry of Education

 Physical activity for children and adolescents with physical and mental health and development play an important role (England Department of Health, 2004). Longitudinal study found that: the school-age phase of the habit of physical activity, will continue into the adult stage and adult stage for significant health effects (Riddoch & Boreham, 2000). Therefore, the impact of physical activity for health can not be understated. However, according to the Ministry of Education survey showed that: most of the students at least three days a week the students did not develop the habit of regular exercise. To 95 years, for example, only 52.9% of elementary school students have regular exercise habits; and the school was 37.5%; high school 25.4%; University of 20.93% (Cheng Ruifu etc., 2007). Even elementary school students the highest rate of physical activity, it is only slightly more than half of it. Also increased with age, the student movement participation rate has significantly decreased the phenomenon. This situation is worrisome, highlighting China's participation in physical activity to enhance the students still have much work space. Habits of physical activity affect students very diverse factors, from the ecological point of view, can be simply divided into: personal, family, school, community, environmental and policy levels, including school sports facility that is one of the major important factors (Ward, Saunders, & Pate, 2007). In view of this, the Ministry of Education published in January in 96 years, "happy" project, the students hope to promote physical activity in order to make to enhance student health and learning effectiveness. The plan that is out there, "the integration and expansion of sports facilities, provide adequate exercise space" strategy (Ministry of Education, 2007a). Hope through 96 years -98 3-year plan year, use of low birth rate in recent years, suffering from shock, while the spare out of idle classrooms in schools, develop a campus indoor sports space. This subtropical heat, rain, Taiwan, physical education or sports competitions and activities, often by weather conditions on this plan is necessary to promote the values and policies